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Debian the website is useless so here are some fun links to find media:

Live CD:

The live CD's actually also have the 'calamares' installer that we don't talk about and pretend doesn't exist. Apparently legend has it there have actually been some people who have installed Debian using that method. Most likely old Ubuntu users that lost their way.

Main method is the normal netinst CD you would download (best method):

This is the most applicable for most people. Most people will use this. If you are most people use this. If you don't know, use this. Just choose the applicable architecture from that page.

If you want to get a larger image that fits on a DVD use this link:

If you want to fiddle around forever in the Debian website and find your own media possibly some years into the future in the hell that they call a website and have created, start here:

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