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Just really quick write up but worked like this:

Installed some relevant tools (check your kernel version):

sudo apt-get install cpufreq cpufrequtils 
sudo apt-get install linux-tools-common 
Maybe? sudo apt-get install linux-tools-5.15.0-27-generic
Maybe? sudo apt-get install linux-cpupower 
Depends on distro used what you have to install, bookworm I think is linux-cpupower... maybe?

decide on a governor

sudo cpupower frequency-info

passable options listed in that command such as conservative ondemand userspace powersave performance schedutil etc

eg: for powersave

cpupower frequency-set --governor powersave

To check if cpu is no longer scaling monitor your cpu:

watch "cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz"

After reboot changes will be lost. To make a startup script one way is (another option shown elsewhere in this wiki is with systemd, just feel like showing you a second way):

Create script:

sudo nano /root/

In this file put this text:

cpupower frequency-set --governor powersave

Obviously modify above to correct governor. Now to add script to reboot:

sudo crontab -e

Add this line into the crontab:

@reboot /root/

Finally make script executable:

sudo chmod +x /root/

Now test by rebooting and checking the CPU with watch command from earlier.

All done :)

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